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  • Ovidio García Pasión Rosado

    Price €4.90

    Our rosé 100% Tempranillo is a versatile wine, a good company for a wide range of our gastronomy. A quality wine that everybody loves because… Rosé is trendy now!

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  • Ovidio García Selección Roble

    Price €5.20

    It’s the reflect of our youngest vineyard that grows in the back of the D.O. Cigales.

    Perfect to chat to family and friends enjoying a relaxed conversation.

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  • Ovidio García Esencia Crianza

    Price €9.95

    This is our flagship. The first wine that the cellar elaborated and that took the name of our founder. The values instilled to his sons, the love for the land and the care in the breeding and manufacture are reflected in it.

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  • Ovidio García de Autor Reserva

    Price €17.95

    With a limited manufacture of 6000 bottles, is our most selected wine. It comes from centenary vineyards and it shows the real essence of the Tempranillo grapes with a deep but elegant flavour.

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  • Gario "Tradiciones Renovadas"

    Price €9.95

    A vintage wine fermented in cast concrete in our underground cellar, a return to our renewed traditions, where you will enjoy our homeland in each glass.

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  • Gario Verdejo

    Price €5.20

    The latest incorporation to this wine family. A classical verdejo 100% with aromas and flavours that remind you of the aromatic herbs of our lands, with a well-balanced acidity that seduces your palate.

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  • Pinedo Meneses Rosado

    Price €4.90

    Our new bet for the rosé after the expansion of our vineyards, where content and container combine perfectly joining the tradition of our D.O. and the modernity of the bottle label design. A wise choice for sight and taste.

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  • Magnum Selección Roble

    Price €11.95

    Our youngest wine thought to be enjoyed in good company.

    Half and a litre of pleasure to extend our summer talks, without looking at the time, enjoying a delicious barbecue or an aperitif with ham and cheese.

    Don´t you fancy tasting it?

  • Magnum Esencia Crianza

    Price €18.50

    Our flagship wine in XL size.

    A wine that, thanks to the size develops in a different way, slower, checking its variations as the time passes by.

    A real pleasure for your senses that will make you last your evening out.